Day for Days for Girls

About a week ago (5th December), myself and esteemed WISE president Jess Vovers, headed along to a Days for Girls fundraiser at the Fitzroy bowling club. The fundraiser was run by Isabel Zbukvic, a Tweep I was getting the opportunity to meet in the flesh, and it featured some of the best potato salad I’ve ever eaten.

Days for Girls is a non-profit organisation that creates and distributes feminine hygiene packs to people who need them. Each hygiene kit includes absorbent pads, soap, zip-lock bags, moisture shields – everything needed to learning and working while menstruating.

Most women bleed a lot, and in the first world with our scented disposable pads and our moon cups and our (relative) lack of stigma we can forget how much of a difference it would make if we could’t attend school or work for all of those days. I was annoyed and inhibited enough by my (roughly) two days off a month due to suspected endometriosis. Triple that to get the time many girls and women are losing from school and work. That’s not an insignificant dent in learning, earning, and functioning, and it helps explain why women are more likely to be in poverty worldwide.

You can volunteer to make your own but as my sewing ability begins and ends with hems and buttons, I’m more than happy to shell out a few dollars for a feed and bowling. The spread was glorious, featuring donations from  Organic Wholefoods, Mayfield Café and Babka Bakery – and a potato salad that may have changed my life. Isabel made a lot of the food herself, including some quality tzatziki and hummus, and deserves ongoing congratulations for a successful event.

2015-12-05 13.29.24
The potato salad is second from the right, third from the bottom.
Rachel Zbukvic and Millie O’Sullivan provided the music. Photo by Jess Vovers.
Natalia gets her bowl on. Photo by Jess Vovers.

The weather pitched in, bowls were bowled (at the Fitzroy Victoria Bowling & Sports Club), music was provided, and far too much food was eaten. I met great people I wouldn’t have otherwise, and had a relaxing afternoon outside.

It can feel a little bit like slacktivism to have a great afternoon while at the same time helping get menstruating people out of poverty. But really it just isn’t that hard to create meaningful change. It can be as simple as picking up a pair of underwear next time you go to the supermarket.


Days for Girls are a great cause, and I thoroughly recommend liking their Facebook page and watching out for the next fundraising event they have near you. They’ve made it easy to make a difference – take advantage of that.


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