Other Media

I have a podcast with Serena Chen called Things of Interest. It looks at non-feminist topics through a feminist lens. I’ve also got a public facebook page you can check out!

I was on The Feed SBS on 28/9/2016 talking about my actual research, which was a refreshing change! Check out the video here.

My other writing, interviews, and talks can be found below, grouped into the following themes.

Women and Diversity in STEM

Talking about Women in STEM with Amy Middleton and Jess Vovers (radio interview, Feb 2016)

Queerness and Science, Moving Beyond the Binary – an article in Archer Magazine about what it’s like to be a LGBTQ scientist, and how we can research better. (Mar 2016)

Women need to be working in science, for everyone’s sake – on the FYA website, article was also re-published on IMPACT, the MCRI blog. (Mar 2016)

Gender Equity: The Final Frontier – Recording of my talk at the Final Frontier Festival 2016. (July 2016)

I was included in the video from the University of Melbourne covering their Science in Australia Gender Equity initiative.

Features and Profiles

20 Young Australians On the Cusp of Greatness – in which I was very pleased to be featured! (2015)

Profile on Curious Minds, as part of a series of women in STEM via the NZ Ministry of Education. (Jan 2016)

Interview on RRR about my PhD research on mitochondrial diseases. (May 2016)

One of 20 under 20 in the RiAus Ultimate Science Guide 2016.

Profile on the Women in STEMM website. (Aug 2016)

A Haiku Meet-Up, Where Poets Try to Explain The World in Three Lines – a write-up in the LA Weekly covering my presentation at Haiku North America. (Oct 2013)

Science and Society

My genes made me do it: the problem of genetic evidence and diminished culpability – Article in The Conversation with Colin Gavaghan and Katarina Schwarz. Excitingly, article was republished on IFLS! (Dec 2015)

Editing the Next Generation – an article on the CRISPR gene editing technology, especially the initial Chinese experiments in non-viable human embryos. (Aug 2015)

Downloadable, Fully Searchable You – an article on privacy in the genomics age. What risks are there? What’s being done to protect the privacy of your genome? And why does it matter? (Jan 2016). This article was selected for The Best Australian Science Writing 2016.


This video summarising Melbourne Link Festival features me and some other great attendees of Link.

Giving Yourself Permission – a blog post on my coping mechanism for Chronically Academic. (Mar 2016)

Dealing with Grief as a Young Adult – an article for the cusp. Grief is tricky and messy, at any stage of life. (Feb 2016)